Salima Ikram

Salima Ikram (* 1965 in Lahore, Pakistan) is a Pakistani archaeologist and Egyptologist. She is an expert in the field of mummification in ancient Egypt.


Salima Ikram was born in the Pakistani city of Lahore. As a child of nine, she visited Egypt and was fascinated by the culture and history of the country. She studied archeology and Egyptology, first at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania and then at the University of Cambridge. Currently, she lives in Cairo and is there at the American University since 2001 Professor of Egyptology and archeology. She has supervised excavations in the Aton - sanctuary at Karnak Temple, in Buto in the Nile Delta and in the plain of Giza. In addition, she has performed analyzes of animal remains at Dahshur, Saqqara, Tell el- Muqdam, made ​​in KV10 and KV5.


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