Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm is a small town in the southeastern region of the Interior Plateau, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The community is located about 110 kilometers west of Kamloops and approximately 110 kilometers north of Kelowna and part of the Columbia - Shuswap Regional District, which also has its headquarters here. The village is situated on Salmon Arm, a branch of the Shuswap Lake, which gives the city its name. In the city of Salmon River flows into the lake. The city is the largest on the lake and in the district.


Originally the land was inhabited by the First Nations, so the story goes back further than that dominated by European immigrants historiography. In the area around present-day Salmon Arm lived and live mainly the Secwepemc, but other First Nations.

The "European" part of history in this region begins with the arrival of the fur traders of the Hudson's Bay Company. Except by the fur trade, the region initially remained largely unaffected by European settlers. This changed in the late 19th century.

In September 1885, the Canadian Pacific Railway rail Leger reached the area of the present town. With the railway and connected so that the possibility to transport products to the cities the area for settlers was interesting. In 1890, the settlement on 28 inhabitants had developed and there was a post office opened. Only five years later, the settlement had already 200 inhabitants, although the year before a flood and a fire had added to the settlement. With the official founding of the church in 1905 saw a continuation of this growth.


The last census in 2011 showed a population of 17 464 inhabitants for the community. The population of the municipality has thereby increased from 2006 by 9.1 % compared to the census and thus is slightly above the trend for the average of the entire Province of British Columbia, where the population grew by 7.0% at the same time. With an average age of 48.3 years, the population here is, however, also significantly older than in the rest of the province, with an age of 41.9 years there.


Salmon Arm is part of School District # 83 North Okanagan - Shuswap. In the small community there are several schools, including six elementary school, a middle school and a secondary school. Furthermore, can be found in the city, a campus of Okanagan College, which is headquartered in Kelowna.


The granting of local self-government for the settlement took place on May 15, 1905 (incorporated as a District Municipality ). Over time, the status of the settlement changed several times since May 14, 2005, the municipality of city status ( City).

Mayor of the municipality is Nancy Cooper. Together with six other citizens, it forms for three years the Council ( council) of the city.


2006 were, in terms of number of employees, the most important economic sectors: the producing sector, the trade, the health and social services and the sectors related to tourism.

The average income (median income ) of employees from Salmon Arm in 2005 was at an average C $ 22 911, while it was at the same time the average for the entire province of British Columbia 24 867 C $. The difference in earnings between men ( C $ 30,264 ) and women ( C $ 17,687 ) is located in Salmon Arm about the province average ( ⌀ - men = 31 598 C $, ⌀ - women = 19 997 C $).


Average falls 551.1 mm of rainfall per year. The April is the driest and December is the wettest month of the year. However, only in December from an otherwise relatively uniform distribution of rainfall stands out. In July and August, the average temperature varies usually 11-27 ° C in December and January from -1 to -7 ° C. The highest measured temperature of the last decades was 40.0 ° C and the lowest -36.7 ° C.


Salmon Arm is relatively well served by transport links. The city is due to the Trans-Canada Highway ( Highway 1 ), as an east -west link and the other ends near the village of Highway 97B, as a north- south link in the Trans-Canada Highway.

Approximately 2.5 kilometers southeast of the town is the local airfield (IATA: YSN, ICAO: CZAM, Transport Canada Identifier: - ). The airport has just one paved runway and runway of 1,299 meters in length.

Also, the city is connected to the railway network. Through the village runs a range of Canadian Pacific Railway. In Salmon Arm, however, do not hold any passenger trains. The Rocky Mountaineer passes through the community without stopping.


In Canada, the community reached notoriety in 1982 by an incident in August. The then- Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau was harassed on a journey of three disgruntled protesters and offered them in front of a running camera to ' one-finger greeting " dar. This greeting was known in Canada as Salmon Arm Salute.