Saltpond is a fishing town on the Gulf of Guinea in the Mfantsiman District of Central Region of Ghana. The town has about 21,000 inhabitants and is located 20 kilometers east of Cape Coast. How many places on the coast of Ghana also has a Saltpond Akannamen: Akyemfo. In Saltpond there is a hotel and a District Hospital.

The residents of Saltpond majority belong to the Akanvolk the Fanti. Their tradition says that they originally migrated here from Techiman in the interior of Ghana. In Saltpond is therefore on the last Saturday in August Odambea, the " Emigrant Festival", held in honor of this event. Here, life is reenacted before the emigration as street theater.

There are degraded in the environment occurrence of kaolin, also clay and ceramic products are manufactured in Saltpond. The regional or here great Saltpond Ceramics Factory, which in the 1970s employed up to 200 people in its heyday, currently continues to struggle with economic problems. Near Saltpond also exist deposits of 581,000 tons of the light metal beryllium, and 12 kilometers off its coast has been funded since 1978 petroleum.

The United Gold Coast Convention, the original party of Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of the later Ghana, was founded here on August 4, 1947.

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