Salza (Austria)

Underflow at Palfau

The Salza (also Mariazell Salza ) is a mountain river in Austria, and an eastern tributary of the river Enns. You drained large parts of the Styrian and Lower Austrian Limestone Alps and separates with her deep valley Göstlinger the Alps from the Massif of the high Schwab.

The Salza originates at Traisen mountain in Lower Austria ( where the north-facing Traisen has its origin ) and flows in a southerly direction to Mariazell over, turns west, where it is the main river of the Styrian Nature Reserve Wildalpener Salzatal. After 88 km it flows at about Großreifling ( 449 m) in the Enns.

Below the village Weichselboden is the Prescenyklause, which was built as a dam for the Holztrift 1848. Today the water of the reservoir is used to drive a small power station. Below the dam the Salza is a favorite for kayak athletes.

The Salza is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Alpine region for fly fishing.

Numerous sources of small tributaries of the Salza in high Schwab area are caught and dine their water in the 2nd Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline.