Salzburger Nachrichten

The Salzburger Nachrichten (SN ) are an Austrian daily newspaper.


The Salzburger Nachrichten were founded in June 1945 by the U.S. occupation army and in October of the same year to private owners from Austria ( Max Dasch and Gustav Canaval ) passed. The media holder is the family-owned Salzburger Nachrichten Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, whose owners are publishers Max Dasch, Jr. and his sister also active in publishing and newspaper Trude Kaindl honey.

The newspaper is published from Monday to Saturday.

Editor in chief since July 1, 2006 Manfred Perterer, its predecessor was Ronald Barazon, the SN of 1995 directed until 2006.

Information to the newspaper

The Salzburger Nachrichten are a nationwide Austrian daily newspaper with a Proliferation focus in the province of Salzburg. According to the Austrian Media Analysis has two-thirds of the SN- reader in the province of Salzburg. For these readers, the SN are first responders with information, analysis and comment. For readers outside Salzburg, or about 100,000 people, the Salzburger Nachrichten have an important function as a medium which is alternative and complementary points of view, especially in the areas of politics, economy, science and culture. Above all, the undisputed regional information literacy comes in addition the Internet portal more distinctly.

During the week, there is the daily newspaper of four books. The first is the policy part. A daily background report is available on the "Page Three ". At the end you will find the Austria - Chronicle. Culture and media are the topics of the second part. The third book deals with the economy. It includes numerous interviews, stock market courses and various columns on current business issues. On the last page of the book chronicle the world is housed. The fourth part deals with sports, science and health, and - on the last page - weather, horoscope and readers' letters. In the Land of Salzburg in addition is a 24 - to 32 -page regional section in miniature. The appearing on the Saturday weekend edition differs from the other issues by its scope, especially, it provides detailed reports that display parts for motor, property and career. On page one is also an additional comment found on a current topic. The " weekend " with a focus on literature, travel, leisure and health completes the offer.

From their According to the Austrian Media Analysis 261,000 readers ( 3.7 percent reach) it reaches around 200,000 in Salzburg. This gives a range of 46.1 percent in the province of Salzburg. According to the Austrian support control ( OAK ) the SN has a print run of 95 648 pieces. Of these, 69 702 copies are sold, sold around 5,500 to price and 7,500 units being sold now. The rest did not spread circulation of approximately 11,500 pieces. The price of output is from Monday to Wednesday and Friday 1.20 euros. On Thursday, it costs 1.60 euros, since there are more Regional here and the weekly TV magazine is settled " tele". The strong side Saturday edition costs 1.60 euros.

The SN is a cooperative of the Austria Press Agency.

The SN has its seat in the press center of Salzburg, they ( unique in Austria ) operates with the media print and the Kronen Zeitung.

Sheet line

The imprint of the SN says:

" The Salzburger Nachrichten are committed a politically independent newspaper, the Christian worldview, and occur indispensable for the freedom of the individual. The Salzburger Nachrichten are against any form of totalitarian rule, respect the declared by the UN human rights and committed to a neutral democratic Austria, the rule of law and the system of social market economy. "

In general, the newspaper is perceived as a Christian liberal.