SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster is a program of SpacialAudio for streaming web radio, which can also be used with the PCI Max Ultra hardware. SAM Broadcaster represents also websites available, by means of which listeners can be songs that were previously stored in a database wish.

Technical details

Server types

  • Icecast (v1 and v2)
  • Live365
  • P2P Streamer
  • Shoutcast
  • Steam Quantcast
  • Windows Media

SAM Broadcaster can encode in the following formats

  • AacPlus
  • MP3
  • Mp3pro
  • Ogg / Vorbis
  • Windows Media

SAM Broadcaster uses a database to store song information. The following databases (as of March 2011) are supported: MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, or MS SQL.


  • SAM2 was the first popular version.
  • SAM3 was the final version.
  • SAM4 is the latest version that supports new features such as StreamAdz management and AAC encoding.
  • SAM Broadcaster 2013 is the new version that supports Windows 8.