Samana Cay

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Samana Cay is an entity belonging to the eastern Bahamas island in the Atlantic. It is about 16 kilometers long and up to three kilometers wide. 1986 gave the National Geographic Society, the largest uninhabited island in the Bahamas attention with the thesis that Christopher Columbus had on 12 October 1492 and is not getting the now so-called island of San Salvador for the first time the floor of the New World. The controversy over the place of Columbus' first landing on his journey of 1492, however, is still not completed because the available data still different interpretations is room.

Cayo Samana was inhabited throughout the first half of the 20th century. The ruins of this settlement are on a part of the island still visible ( at the western end of the island ). The island is now uninhabited, but is occasionally visited by residents of the neighboring island of Acklins to collect bark of Kaskarillabaums which is used for the production of the Italian liqueur Campari.

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