Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox ( Samantha Karen Patricia "Sam" Fox; born April 15, 1966 in London) is a British pop singer and model.


First notoriety she gained when she readers of the British newspaper The Sun as the girl from page 3 without presented itself above the age of 16 years. It was. During the following years one of the most famous pin - up girls of Great Britain, especially because they had a very large and natural bust In 1983 they settled insure her breasts for $ 500,000. Appeared in 1986 on multiple platforms, the computer game Samantha Fox Strip Poker containing monochrome photos of Samantha Fox.

Later, Fox gained fame as a singer. Two years earlier she had with school friends, the band SFX founded. Their first album, Touch Me became a hit in the summer of 1986.

More singles followed from mid-1986 until the summer of 1989. Overall, they had three Top 10 hits in the UK and in the USA. Their biggest hits in addition to Touch Me (I Want Your Body ) were Nothing 's Gonna Stop Me Now, Naughty Girls ( Need Love Too), Do Ya Do Ya ( Wanna Please Me ) and I Wanna Have Some Fun. Since then it has occasionally for albums.

Samantha Fox is dating her manager Myra Stratton.


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