Samara Metro

The Metro Samara (Russian Самарское метро / transcription Samarskoje metro) is the underground of the Russian city of Samara. It was opened in 1987 and currently consists of a line.


In the 1970s, wanted to follow such as Novosibirsk and build a subway Samara other Soviet cities. For this, the city council was in 1977 commissioned a study, which included also soil tests. Construction work on the future secant began in 1980. Seven years later, on December 26, 1987, the first section between Jungorodok ( Юнгородок ) and Pobeda ( Победа ) was opened.

Since then, the further underground expansion takes place. On December 31, 1992 was another station, Sovetskaya ( Советская ) are opened. A few months later, go and return a new tunnel piece into operation from March 25, rode the subway at a station until Sportivnaya ( Спортивная ). In the same year, on 30 December, the fourth expansion went to Gagarinskaja ( Гагаринская ) in operation. These extensions together are 3.8 km long. Since 27 December 2002, the U -Bahn ( Московская ) between Jungorodok and Moskovskaya. This section extended the line to 2.4 to now a total of 10.7 km. On 26 December 2007, the line to another station, namely Rossiyskaya extended to the west.

As usual for a former Soviet city is planned to expand the previously existing only one line metro network to a Sekantensystem. That is, three lines form a (mostly inner city ) triangle with three interchanges. First, however, the current, mostly shown in red metro line to be extended. In the time horizon from 2016 to 2020 are also scheduled three other stations: Alabinskaja ( Алабинская ) Samarskaja ( Самарская ) and Teatralnaja ( Театральная ), and later another, Woksalnaja ( Вокзальная ). 2020 could also to get an extension to a station east to Krylia Sovetov ( Крылья Советов ). This therefore constitutes the first stage of expansion. Still later to the realization of the second line begin interchange should be here Moskovskaya ( 2030-2040 ).

Currently, about 12 km long line is operated with the car coming by Metro Wagon mach series 81-717/714. This use for the power supply busbars at 825 volts and go to the Russian broad gauge of 1520 millimeters. Currently, 23 four-car trains are available. 1993 promoted the Samara Metro 21.3 million passengers, 28.6 million in 1998, 24.9 in 1999 and in 2002 this metro carried 23.6 million passengers.