Samara Oblast

53.250.2Koordinaten: 53 ° 12 ' N, 50 ° 12'

The Samara Oblast (Russian Самарская область / transcription Samarskaja oblast ) is an oblast in Russia.

The oblast is situated in the eastern part of the East European Plain on both sides of the Volga, which is seeartig extended by the Kuibyshev reservoir.

Traffic Technically, the oblast is accessed through the Volga, the transport links in many Russian regions such as west to Moscow, southward and eastward to Siberia are excellent.

The region's history began in 1586 with the founding of the fortress of Samara, which soon developed into a thriving commercial and business center. In Soviet times, the oblast was named after the capital of Kuibyshev from 1935 " Krai Kuibyshev ", then from 1936 to 1990 " Kuibyshev Oblast ".


In July 2010, lived around 3.2 million people in the Samara Oblast. Thus, the oblast is the second most populous in the Volga region.

85.6 percent of the population consists of ethnic Russians, followed by Tatar with 4.1 percent and the Chuvash 2.7 percent. According to the census of 2010 or about 6,800 Russian German living in the Samara Oblast.

In September 2012, the birth rate since the 1990s, was the first time slightly above the death rate.


The Samara Oblast is one of the strongest industrial regions of Russia. Thus, the region offers a broad and well-developed industry. Oil discoveries have contributed to the wealth of the region. Oil refining, chemical industry as well as the plane and automobile production ( AvtoVAZ ) are among the most important sectors of the economy, but also be dangerous for the environment. The energy production is secured by the Kuibyshev reservoir. In the Samara Oblast are 200,000 employees in the automotive industry veteran, and 80 percent of all Russian cars are produced here.

The average income of a resident in the Samara Oblast in 2011 was about 18,650 rubles a month, which is about 465 euros. Thus, the Samara Oblast is on the whole of Russia based more in the lower midfield.

The unemployment rate in October 2012 at 0.56 percent.

Administrative divisions and largest cities

The Samara Oblast is divided into 27 Rajons and 10 urban districts. Administrative center of the oblast is the city of Samara million. The other three cities in the oblast are Togliatti and by a wide margin following Sysran and Nowokuibyschewsk. In total there are 11 cities in the oblast and 14 urban-type settlements.