Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is one of the largest electronics companies in the world and belongs to the South Korean Samsung Group ( headquartered in Seoul).

Samsung Electronics is working with 197 offices in 72 countries and employs about 206,000 people. Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969, the seat of the company is still located in Seoul. CEO of Samsung Electronics is Kwon Oh- hyun. The company is listed on the KOSPI on the Korea Exchange.

Samsung has been active in many technology areas and in some of them live ( for example, TFT monitors, memory chip manufacturing, network technologies).

  • 2.1 Digital Media
  • 2.2 Telecommunication Network
  • 2.3 Digital Appliance
  • 2.4 Storage devices / drives


Recent History

Samsung Electronics in 2011 generated an operating profit of 10.84 billion euros. Sales amounted to 111.82 billion euros. The investment budget of Samsung Electronics was increased in 2010 to 12.7 billion euros. Thus, Samsung Electronics invested more than its competitors Intel, IBM and Sony together. In April 2011, Samsung sold its hard disk drive business to Seagate. In 2011, Samsung Electronics has sold 6.99 million worldwide laser printer, 47.69 million television sets and 13.17 million mobile PCs.

In February 2012 it was announced by media reports that Samsung is split off its loss-making business with liquid crystal screens. The deficit was generated among others by growing competition from China and the decline in trade with televisions. Due to an oversupply in the market had to be accounted for in four consecutive quarters, an operating loss. By separating the LCD business wants to use the resources more effectively and respond to the needs of customers.


Samsung Electronics focuses on five business areas: Digital Media, Telecommunication Network, Digital Appliance and Electronics.

Digital Media

  • Plasma TV
  • LCD TV
  • LED TV
  • TFT displays
  • Notebooks
  • Netbooks
  • DVD Players
  • Blu -ray Players
  • Digital Camcorders
  • Digital cameras
  • Laser

Telecommunication Network

  • Mobile phones ( see Samsung Electronics Telecommunication Network)
  • Smartphones
  • Pocket PC
  • Mobile Intelligent Terminals ( MITs )
  • Satellite receiver
  • Set -top boxes
  • DSLAMs
  • Integrated Access Devices

Digital Appliance

  • Refrigerators
  • Air conditioning
  • Purifier
  • Washing machines
  • Microwave ovens
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwasher

Storage Media / Drives

  • SRAM
  • NAND flash memory
  • Smart Card
  • System-in- Package ( SiP)
  • Chip multi - chip package (MCP)
  • Optical Drives