Samuel Dickinson Hubbard

Samuel Dickinson Hubbard ( born August 10, 1799 in Middletown, Connecticut; † October 8, 1855 ibid ) was an American politician of the Whig party. He was a member of the cabinet of U.S. President Millard Fillmore as Postmaster General.

Hubbard studied the classical Ancient Studies and graduated in 1819 at Yale College. It was followed by a law degree before to 1837 he worked as a lawyer in his hometown of Middletown from 1823. Later he became a clerk in a factory.

Hubbard increasingly began to take an interest in politics. In 1844 he was elected for the Whigs as representative of the second election district of Connecticut House of Representatives of the United States. He belonged to the Congress in the 29th and 30th session of 4 March 1845 to 3 March 1849.

1852 he was appointed President Fillmore, also a member of the Whig Party, as the Postmaster General in his cabinet. He followed it to the retired Nathan K. Hall. Hubbard took office on August 31, 1852, and held it until 7 March 1853. With the end of Millard Fillmore's term of office he also resigned from the government.