San Antonio (Canelones)

San Antonio on the map of Uruguay

San Antonio is a city in Uruguay.


San Antonio is located on the territory of the department of Canelones in the sector 15 The city is located east-southeast of Paso de la Cadena, northwest of Santa Rosa and northeast of the Departamento Capital Canelones. South of San Antonio runs the Arroyo Grande Canelón whose small right-sided tributary Moreira flows through the northern area of the village.


On November 14, 1875 San Antonio was rated by by law in the " Pueblo " category.


Central is located in the two schools and a church harboring place the Plaza de San Antonio. At the southeastern edge of San Antonio, the cemetery is located.


San Antonio has the Liceo de San Antonio was founded in 1988 through a secondary school ( Liceo ). In 2008, dismissed the school, which covers a Paso de la Cadena, Costa del Tala, Costa del Colorado, Cañada Cardozo and Camino Cruz del Calvario comprehensive river basin, on a class size of 116.


The city is located on the Route 33 south of the intersection with Ruta 81


The population of San Antonio, which was in 2004 that village Canelones ' with the lowest population density in percentage terms, is 1,489. (As of 2011)

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística de Uruguay

City ​​council

Mayor ( Alcalde ) of San Antonio is Nelly González ( Partido Nacional).