San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino County


San Bernardino is a city in San Bernardino County in the U.S. state of California, United States, with 198 406 inhabitants (as of 1 July 2004) and the county seat of administration. It is located in eastern San Bernardino Valley at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains. The metropolitan area has a size of 153.5 km ².

The city is the seat of California State University, San Bernardino and the Diocese of San Bernardino.

Foundation of San Bernardino

San Bernardino's colorful history begins in the early years of the 19th century. Spanish missionaries were the first settlers in this region. They chose the fertile valley at the foot of the majestic mountain range as an outpost for other missionaries. It is said that Father Francisco Dumetz has encountered on his last missionary journey from San Gabriel to the San Bernadino Valley and erected an altar for the Indians living there on May 20, 1810 great efforts. Padre Dumetz named the area after the Italian saint Bernadino / Bernardine " San Bernadino ".


1940 opened the first McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino. Glen Bell, founder of Taco Bell opened its first store here in 1954.

San Bernardino is crossed by the historic Route 66.

In 1989, a severe train crash in San Bernardino, where the overloaded freight train 7551 the Southern Pacific Railroad derailed, four people killed and another four injured occurred. During clean up the running at the scene of an accident Calnev pipeline was damaged but that this would have been noticed. The weakening led 13 days after the train accident to a leak. When ignited the fuel coming out, two more people were killed and destroyed eleven homes. Today, no houses could be built in the vicinity of the tracks more.

Insolvency of the city

On June 11, 2012 San Bernardino declared insolvency and filed a motion for creditor protection under Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code. The city expects a deficit of $ 45 million in the current fiscal year. Error in the records, rising investment expenditure, debt interest and benefits, coupled with stagnating revenues, led to financial difficulties. In the last four years, the number of employees has been reduced by 20 percent.

Sons and daughters and other celebrities of the city

  • Gene Hackman, actor
  • Edith Head, costume designer for the film
  • Kevin Kiner, composer ( born in San Berardino )
  • John Laurinaitis Wrestler
  • Bob Lemon, Baseball Player
  • Marshall Neilan, actor and film director
  • Randy Rhoads, former lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne ( in San Bernadino buried )
  • Phillip Francis Straling, clergyman, Bishop of Reno
  • Lisa Marie Varon, professional wrestler, better known as WWE Diva Victoria ( born in San Bernardino )
  • Dave Wolpe, jazz trombonist and arranger