San Fernando, Cádiz

San Fernando ( Cádiz province ), is situated on an island-like hill, the Isla de León, a city in Andalusia (Spain ), in the middle of the Natural Park of Bahía de Cádiz. Of the locals, the city " La Isla " is therefore also called simply (the island ). It is associated with the 15 km distant provincial capital Cádiz by a headland.

San Fernando is Marine City and has a major shipyard of Navantia. The place can nowadays but be seen as a pre-or satellite city of Cádiz. Historically, San Fernando, however, occupies an important place in the history of Spain, since 1810/11 met the Spanish government there to work out the first Spanish Constitution. In addition, in Spain go all the clocks after the observatory of the Armada, for there shall be the official time.


  • Town Hall with remarkable facade ( 1774 by Torcuato Cayon built )
  • Castillo de San Romualdo ( a castle from the 14th century, now a ruin )
  • Iglesia Mayor ( main church, the end of the 18th century in Neoclassical style built )
  • Royal Institute and Observatory of the Armada (1753 founded by Jorge Juan - there shall be the official time)
  • Teatro de las Cortes ( the court theater was built in 1770 and housed in 1810, the Spanish Parliament to work out the first Spanish Constitution - again today as a theater )
  • Panteon de Marinas Ilustres ( a mausoleum of famous sailors, started in 1786, inaugurated in 1870 and 1948 covered)
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Botanical garden.
  • Observatory, the southernmost of Europe

Sons and daughters of the town

  • The active in the Coalition Wars General Don Juan Halen Count of Pera Campos (1790-1864) is from San Fernando.
  • The flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla was born in San Fernando.
  • 1996 here founded the metal band Saurom.
  • Anne Hidalgo ( born 1959 ), French politician