San Lorenzo (San Marcos)

San Lorenzo on the map of Guatemala

San Lorenzo is a municipality in the department of San Marcos in Guatemala. In the 25 km ² large municipality about 9,000 people live, of which a large part in San Lorenzo, the rest in twelve smaller villages and hamlets.


San Lorenzo located 23 km northeast of the capital Departaments - San Marcos and 275 km north-west of Guatemala City near the Tajumulco at about 2,600 m altitude. The climate in San Lorenzo is cold. You can reach the place of San Marcos from over La Grandeza on a paved road.


San Lorenzo is located in a very fertile area, which is why agriculture is fairly well developed. Tourist is the place of importance, because here one of the most important Guatemalan President Justo Rufino Barrios Auyón, was born. In his birthplace, now a National Monument, is a remarkable museum.


San Lorenzo was founded in 1690-1700 by immigrant families from Spain and in 1812 the administrative seat of the homonymous municipios.