San Miguel (El Salvador)

San Miguel de la Frontera on the map of El Salvador

San Miguel (originally San Miguel de la Frontera, named after the archangel Michael ) is the largest city in the east of the Central American nation of El Salvador. It is the capital of the department of San Miguel.


San Miguel de la Frontera was founded on May 8, 1530 by Captain Luis de Moscoso as a base against operating from present-day Nicaragua, rival conquistadors. Was located at the place probably before a settlement of the Lenca named Chaparrastique ( "place with wonderful gardens "). Once the location survived several rebellions, he became rich after 1537 by gold discoveries. In 1574 he became a town and was largely destroyed by a fire in March 1586. At nearby location San Miguel was built afterwards. It still retains many colonial buildings and a 1862 finished cathedral. 1878 San Miguel had 9,842 inhabitants. 181 819 people lived there in 2005.


San Miguel is located 107 m above sea level. Level, at the foot of the 1975 m high, very active volcano of San Miguel, which is also known as Chaparrastique. Nearby is also the volcano Chinameca is.


San Miguel is known for its Carnival in November.