San Rafael Department

The department of San Rafael is located in the southern center of the province of Mendoza in western Argentina and is one of 18 administrative units in the province.

It is bordered on the north by the departments of San Carlos, Santa Rosa and La Paz, on the east by the province of San Luis and the Department of General Alvear, to the south by the province of La Pampa and the Departamento Malargüe and to the west by Chile.

The capital of the department of San Rafael is the eponymous San Rafael. It is located 980 km away from Buenos Aires.


The department is crossed by two rivers, the Río Atuel and the Río Diamante.


The Departamento San Rafael is divided into the following districts:

  • Cañada Seca
  • Cuadro Benegas
  • Cuadro Nacional
  • El Cerrito
  • El Sosneado
  • El Nihuil
  • Goudge
  • Jaime Prats
  • La Llave
  • Las Malvinas
  • Las Paredes
  • Monte Coman
  • Punta de Agua
  • Rama Caída
  • Real del Padre
  • San Rafael
  • Veinticinco de Mayo
  • Villa Atuel


In the department, some of the most important wineries and champagne manufacturers are the province of Mendoza.

In recent years, tourism has become increasingly important.