San Sai District

Amphoe San Sai ( in Thai: อำเภอ สันทราย ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the central part of the province of Chiang Mai. The Chiang Mai province is located in the northern region of Thailand.


Neighboring districts are (from north clockwise): Amphoe Mae Taeng the Doi Saket, San Kamphaeng, Mueang Chiang Mai, Mae Rim province of Chiang Mai.


In Amphoe San Sai is the central campus of Maecho University, which was founded in 1934 as a teacher training institution for agriculture.


The circle is divided into twelve subdistricts (tambon ), divide further into 116 villages ( Muban ).

There are two small towns ( thesaban tambon) in the district:

  • San Sai Luang consists of parts of tambon San Sai Luang, San Sai Noi, San Phranet and Pa Phai
  • Mae Cho consists of parts of tambon Nong Chom Nong Han and Pa Phai.

In addition, there are ten " Tambon Administrative Organizations" (TAO, องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล - administrative organizations) in the district.