San Vicente (volcano)


The Chichontepec, Volcán de San Vicente or Las chiches is the second highest volcano in El Salvador. It is located in the Guadalupe y municipios Tepetitán in the department of San Vicente and in the Municipalities of San Juan Nonualco and Zacatecoluca in the department of La Paz, about 60 kilometers east of San Salvador.

He is a stratovolcano. In Nahuatl means Chichotepec " Mountain of the Two Breasts ". The two peaks are 2,173 and 2,083 meters above sea level. It is cone-shaped with an open crater to the east. On the south side of the volcano, hot springs themselves are called Infiernillos which emit sulfurous steam. To the north extends from the valley of the Río Jiboa volcano, one of the richest agricultural regions of El Salvador.