Sana (river)

Sana at Podovi

At the upper reaches of Sana in Donji Vrbljani

Sana in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sana is a river in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It rises near Donja Pecka, approximately 25 km west of Jajce, and flows into the Una Novi Grad. The Sana is from the source ( 940 m. J. i ) to the confluence with the Una (139 m. J. i ) 140.4 km long.

Important tributaries are the Bliha, Dabar, Kozica, Sanica, Zdena, which opens in the town of Sanski Most in Sana, the Gomjenica which accrue to her in Prijedor, and the Japra which it receives at Blagaj Japra. Larger towns on the Sana are Kljuc, Sanski Most, Prijedor and Novi Grad.