Sanandaj (Persian سنندج; Sanandaj, Sine in Kurdish ) is the capital of the Iranian province Kordestān near the border with Iraq. The city is located 512 km from the state capital Tehran and lies at an altitude of 1480 m.


Under the Sassanids Sanandaj was a wealthy city, but was almost completely destroyed in the era of the Zand - Prince. Today Sanandaj is a bit older than 300 years. At that time, the Persians built a castle near the village of Sine / Seneh. Castle in Farsi means Dadsch, so that the settlement that developed around the castle, Seneh - Dadsch was derived from it is the present name of Sanandaj. From the first settlement Seneh today is nothing left. For centuries, the city was also the capital of the principality of Ardalan. Today it is one of the most famous cities in western Iran.


As in many parts of Iran, carpet production is also here (→ Persian carpet ) a well-developed art. The carpets from Sanadadsch are usually sold under the name Sehna. They typically have a strong amount of red on dark blue ground. The basis is an abstract form of the Herati pattern. Thus they resemble the Bidschar, but are linked to less dense.


  • The historic village Negel on the way to Marivan
  • The village of Salavat Abad
  • The fortress Palangan
  • Several historic bridges from the time of the Sassanids
  • The old market square in Sanandaj
  • Several mosques

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Ahmad Moftizadeh, Kurdish autonomy politician
  • Mastura Ardalan, Kurdish poet and writer (1805-1848)
  • Azad Azadpour, of German rapper of Kurdish origin
  • Kamkars, Kurdish music group
  • Hamed Sohrabnejad, Iranian national basketball player