Sancho II of Portugal

Sancho II, known as the monk (Portuguese Dom Sancho II, o Capelo ) (* 1207 or 1209; † after January 3, 1248 in Toledo) was the fourth king of Portugal from the house of Burgundy.


He was the son of the Portuguese King Alfonso II and his wife Urraca of Castile. When Sancho II in 1223 after the death of his father ascended the throne, the country was in the middle of a fight with the Catholic Church, to which it had led the policy Alfonso II. His father had died excommunicated, imposed on Portugal the interdict. Sancho II came to terms first with the church, let the Archbishop of Braga, which his father had directed the country, go back and paid him a high compensation. He succeeded in the eastern Algarve and Alentejo to conquer the Moors ( defeat at Elves 1226 victory at Aimonte 1239 ).

Towards the end of his reign, however, Sancho II enmeshed increasingly in power struggles with the Church, especially with the bishops of Lisbon and Porto, the backing of Pope Gregory IX. found. 1238 Sancho II is excommunicated. The aristocratic opposition in the country now allied himself with the church and tried to replace the king by his younger brother, the future Alfonso III. ,.

After 1240 Sancho married a distant relative of Leonese nobles Mecia Lópes de Haro, but because the marriage was concluded without papal dispensation, it was 1245 or 1246 forcibly divorced by the church. They wanted to avoid was that the king sat legitimate offspring in the world by. In retrospect, these fears were unfounded, as the couple remained childless.

In March 1245, or in 1246, Pope Innocent IV complained in the Bull " Inter alia desiderabilia " the king of the worst offenses against, on July 24, he told him to " Grandi non immerito " to " disabled ruler ( rex inutilis ) " and Alfonso III. 'steward and defender " of the kingdom; so that the king was de facto deposed. Sancho II, however, was not willing to accept this without a fight, Portugal was thus plunged into a bitter civil war. Sancho II was able to keep up in 1247 with his followers, then he had to go into exile, where he died after Toledo.

His nickname, the monk received Sancho II, as he had allegedly carried a Habit regularly. In this, the Franciscan Order or Augustinian like garment he should have been buried.

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