Sandefjord? / I is a municipality in the Norwegian Vestfold. The municipality is bordered to the north by Stokke, on the west by Anbu, on the southwest by Larvik and to the east by the Tønsbergfjord and Tjøme.


1837 a sulfur was established as a spa for rheumatic diseases in Sandefjord. As a cure means in addition to the sulfur baths and mud baths and applications was administered with jellyfish. Even members of the royal family and government ministers were among the spa guests. Between 1837 and 1939, approximately 50,000 people are likely to have visited the bathroom. Above all, there were Norwegians, but also Danish, Swedish, German, British, Americans and Russians came to Sandefjord. The bath was shut down in 1939. Today, the buildings have been restored as a cultural houses. Sandefjord was 1845, the market rights.

1850 Sandefjord was also a center for whaling in the North Sea and on the coast of Finnmark. 1905 was the first whaling expedition in the Antarctic seas. The whaling brought a new bloom. In the late 1920s Sandefjord had 90 whaling ships and 15 Walkochereien. Mid-1950s, the high point of whaling has been reached. After this activity fell sharply, because the whale in Antarctica was almost exterminated. 1967/1968 whaling was all set. There is only a whaling museum and a restored whaling ship from this period on the quay.


The city has the Oslo- Torp ( Sandefjord Lufthavn norw ) with national and international connections as well as a ferry service with the company Color Line to Stromstad in Sweden.


Sandefjord Fotball played in 2006 and 2007 in the Norwegian Elite Series. After the relegation followed in 2007 in the fall of 2008, the re- promotion to the first division " Elite Series " as a table runner.

Moreover, there is in Sandefjord two Erstligateams in handball, Runar and Sandefjord TIF. The latter team is a few times became Norwegian champion of men in recent years. The player Jonny Jensen ( SG Flensburg Handewitt ) has played several years with TIF.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Marcus Borgersen Bringaker, Norwegian singer
  • Sondre Borgersen Bringaker, Norwegian singer
  • Christen Christensen (1845 - 1923), shipyard owners and shipowners
  • Karin Fossum, Norwegian writer
  • Anita Hegerland, Norwegian singer
  • Frank Loke, Norwegian handball player
  • Dag Solstad, Norwegian author
  • Thorbjørn Svenssen, Norwegian national football team
  • Ole Wegger (1859 - 1936), a naval architect and director of the shipyard Framnäs Mekaniske Værksted