70 518 ( March 31, 2013 )

Sandnes? / I is a city and municipality in the Rogaland in Norway, south of Stavanger. Sandnes is now the ninth largest municipality in Norway with a population of 70 518 (31 March 2013).

The Sandnes city was founded in 1860 and has long been identical with the municipality Sandnes. 1965 but was extended by merger with the rural communes Høyland, Hetland and Høle Sandnes. At that time, Sandnes was known for the large clay deposits in the area as Norway's pottery town. A Pottery Museum recalls this time. Similarly, there is a bicycle museum because of the status as a cycling city in Norway. Sandnes has its importance primarily as a transportation hub and a commercial and industrial city. Sandnes Ulf is the football club of the city.

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Geography and transport

The city of Sandnes is located 15 km south of Stavanger, and the two cities have extended so far that it accounts for nearly a twin city. The local authority is Sola in the West, Klepp and Time in the south, and Gjesdal and Forsand in the east. The fjord Gandsfjorden intersects the north-south direction to the city center in Sandnes, where there is a harbor. South of the city center, the Gandsfjorden lowlands runs further south, in the form of the densely populated valley Ganddalen.

The railway line Oslo - Stavanger also follows this valley, with a railway station in Sandnes, before she continues on the west coast of Gandsfjordes to Stavanger. The European route 39, partially developed as a highway, leading from the southeast by Sandnes Stavanger. The National Highway 44 follows the railway line, connecting with the landscape Sandnes Jæren in the south, while the National Highway 13 east leads to Ryfylke. A ferry across the Høgsfjord this connects with Sandnes Forsand. In the western neighboring municipality is Sola Airport Stavanger.

West of the line Gandsfjord Town Center Ganddalen is the smaller, flat part of the community. This part is geographically part of the landscape Jæren and is characterized by intensive agriculture. East of this line, the landscape is very hilly, with many small valleys, lakes, fjord inlets, islands and summer houses. This part of the municipality is geographically more a part of the landscape Ryfylke. Along the east side of the Gandsfjord is a mountain range with the 323 m high mountain town, Dalsnuten. The highest mountain in the municipality, Bynuten, 672 meters high, located in the southeast of the municipality.

The city center itself consists mostly of relatively low commercial buildings from the past 50 years.


The Sandnes municipality today consists of 13 districts. The districts had on January 1, 2012, the following populations:


Sandnes offers great shopping in the form of an array of specialty shops of all types and is used by the neighboring municipalities as a place to shop. Both the longest pedestrian shopping street of Norway, Langgaten ( Long Street ), in the city center as well as the largest shopping center in Norway, Kvadrat, in the northern district of Lura, located in Sandnes.

Sandnes is known as Norway's cycling city. The bicycle manufacturer Øglænd DBS (founded 1892) presented here more than 100 years, its bicycles. Since 2000, the DBS bicycles outside Norway are produced, but sand has a bike museum and many cycling routes for everyday cyclists and tourists.

The city is home to industry, which is mainly located in the southern district Ganddalen and in Lura and Forus in the north on the border with Stavanger. Significant for the region is the oil industry. Some IT companies have their headquarters in the municipality in the southern district of the same name lies Figgjo Figgjo porcelain manufacturer.

An architectural monument is the old town hall with cinema, built in 1938-1941, designed by Gustav Helland and Sverre Brandberg Dahl. It is to be converted as an art house in the next few years. Sandnes also has a gymnasium, vocational schools, and a large community center. This was used in 2008, as Stavanger European Capital of Culture was and Sandnes has also partaken.


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