Sandvikens IF

Sandvikens IF is a Swedish sports club from the town of Sandviken. The club is divided into two sections: Sandvikens IF - Bowling and Sandvikens IF - Fotboll, ie, a bowling and a football department.


The defunct ice hockey department of the club took in the 1940s repeatedly participated in the then still in the Cup mode discharged Swedish Championship. In the 1944/45 season the team also appeared in the then highest Swedish league, Division 1, of.

The football team

The football team of Sandvikens IF can look back on successful periods in which the club was able to hold also in the top leagues. The first promotion to the Swedish football league (Allsvenskan) succeeded in 1929 and it closed the first season from there with a ninth place. The following year, 1930, however, already dismounted again. The next promotion to the top division in 1932 and then succeeded Sandvikens IF was able to maintain itself for 12 years in the league before being relegated again in 1944. In 1953 succeeded, the renewed rise, but it immediately returned to the second division. Is the most recent period, which played Sandvikens IF in the Allsvenskan, lasted 6 years; from 1956 to 1961. Nowadays, the club plays in the fourth division Division 2 Norra Svealand.

In the eternal table of Allsvenskan Sandvikens IF is thanks to the completed 21 seasons rank 16 in the second division, the club spent 35 seasons and is in the eternal table of this game class rank 9