Sangha River


The Sangha (formerly also Ssanga ) is a right tributary of the Congo River in the Republic of Congo.


It arises from the confluence of Kadéï and Mambéré at Nola in the extreme southwest of the Central African Republic. From there it flows in a southerly direction. Below Salo he river forms the border between Cameroon and the Central African Republic, Cameroon and the Republic of Congo respectively. The Sangha is most important lifeline for the local population, as for example traditional fishing and namesake of the Dzanga - Sangha tropical forest reserve. In the lower reaches of the Sangha is marshy and branched. He has there often links to other rivers. In Mossaka it flows into the Congo.


  • Ngoko (right arises from Dja and Boumba )
  • Dgoko (right)
  • Likouala -aux- Herbes (left)


Average monthly flow of the Sangha measured at the hydrological station in Ouesso, about 400 km upstream of the confluence with the Congo in m³ / s (1947 - 1983).