Sangzhi County

District Sangzhi (桑植 县, Sangzhi Xiàn ) is a county in the northwest of Hunan province, which belongs to the administrative area of the prefecture-level city of Zhangjiajie.

Former Residence of He Long (贺龙 故居, He Long guju ) is since 2006 on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 6-1004 ).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circle Sangzhi sets of nine large municipalities and neununzwanzig communities together, by the municipalities are the seven churches of national minorities ( minzu xiang, here: Bai ).

  • Large village Liyuan澧 源 镇
  • Community Ruitapu瑞塔 铺镇
  • Greater community Guandiping官地 坪镇
  • Greater community Liangshuikou凉水 口镇
  • Greater community Longtaping龙潭 坪镇
  • Greater community Wudaoshui五 道 水镇
  • Greater community Chenjiahe陈家 河镇
  • Greater community Liaojiacun廖家 村镇
  • Greater community Lifuta利福塔 镇
  • Community Kongkeshu空壳 树 乡
  • Community Mihu汨 湖乡
  • Community Zhuyeping竹叶 坪
  • Community Zoumaping Bai走马 坪 白族 乡
  • Community Renchaoxi人潮 溪乡
  • Community Xilian西 莲 乡
  • Community Baishi白石 乡
  • Community Liujiaping Bai刘 家坪 白族 乡
  • Community Furongjiao Bai芙蓉 桥 白族 乡
  • Community Maidiping Bai麦 地 坪 白族 乡
  • Community Mahekou Bai马 合口 白族 乡
  • Community Changtangping长潭 坪乡
  • Community Linxihe Bai淋 溪河 白族 乡
  • Community Hongjiaguan Bai洪 家 关 白族 乡
  • Community Qiaoziwan桥 自 湾乡
  • Community Guluoshan谷 罗 山乡
  • Community Shataping沙塔 坪乡
  • Community Kuzhuping苦竹 坪乡
  • Community Sifangxi四方 溪乡
  • Community Bamaoxi芭 茅 溪乡
  • Community Xishaping细沙 坪乡
  • Community Badagong八大 公 山乡
  • Community Jianjiapo蹇 家 坡乡
  • Community Yanwukou岩 屋 口 乡
  • Community Hekou河口 乡
  • Community Shanghexi上 河 溪乡
  • Community Lianghekou两 河口 乡
  • Community Daguquan打鼓 泉 乡
  • Community Shanghejie上 洞 街乡