Sankt Veit im Pongau

  • ÖVP: 12
  • SPÖ: 6
  • FPO: 3

Sankt Veit im Pongau is a market town with 3561 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the province of Salzburg in the district of St. Johann im Pongau in Austria. St. Vitus is the first health resort in Salzburg


The municipality is located in Pongau in Salzburg on the Salzach River. Up to St. Vitus, the Salzach River flows from west to east; to St. Vitus, the Salzach rotates around 90 degrees and then flows from south to north on. The center is located on a high plateau. Cold northerly winds are strongly attenuated by the north side elevation of the High King; the cold winter air can flow from the plateau in the Salzach Valley. The warm southerly winds can Gastein and the Großarlertal - both valleys stretch from north to south - to St. Veit draw. Because of its location on a plateau in the Salzach Valley is one of St. Veit to the most sunny places ( winter solstice on December 21, nearly seven hours of sunshine in the center ).

Community structure

The municipality comprises the only town of Sankt Veit im Pongau.

The municipality comprises the cadastral gorge, fief, Upper fief, Schwarzach II, St. Veit and Unterberg.


The first written mention ( " Parrochia sancti Viti " ) dates back to 1074.

Coat of arms

The municipal coat of arms is: " In the red shields the representation of St. Veit, namely the naked upper body of a young man with hands folded in prayer and goldnimbiertem head protruding from a resting on a low burning pyre black cauldron. "


Mayor of December 17, 1993 to December 19, 2008 was the locksmith Franz Lainer. Since 19 December 2008 the farmer and chairman of the District Chamber of St. Johann / Pg Sebastian Pirnbacher holds the office.

Culture and sights

  • Mine Sunnpau


  • Helmut Pirnbacher - Ski Jumping Legend
  • Michael Gruber - Nordic Combined (Gold in the team event at the Nordic World Ski Championships 2003 in Val di Fiemme, gold in the relay at the Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin)
  • Reinhard Schwarzenberger - ski jumper ( bronze at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano and at the 1999 World Championships in Ramsau )
  • Balthasar Linsinger (1902-1986), priest, Righteous Among the Nations, born in St. Veit
  • Alois Winkler (1838-1925), Governor


At the foot of the south slope of the " high Glocker " is the sanatorium Grafenhof founded in the years 1912/1913, today Landesklinik Sankt Veit im Pongau. This institution was built by the People's Union for the control of tuberculosis in Kronlande Salzburg chaired by Monsignor Alois Winkler. In this hospital, the writer Thomas Bernhard was treated. Among other things, Bernhard wrote the book The cold. An isolation. about his illness ( pulmonary tuberculosis ) and his stay here. Today you can find the memory of the writer a trail named after him, which begins near the country's clinic.

In 1985 the Order of the Sisters of Bethlehem founded the monastery "Mary in paradise " on the so-called " Kinderalm ".

St. Veit im Pongau is one of the venues of the novel honeymoon period of the Austrian writer OP ornamental. The male protagonist of the novel, Rupert, a deserter during WWII, hides in the end on a farm in St. Veit im Pongau.

Next place in St. Veit every year in late February or early March, the traditional snow festival instead.