Sanlitun (Chinese三里屯, Pinyin sān lǐ TUN) is a street -quarters of Chaoyang District in eastern Beijing, China. In Sanlitun, there was a bar and pub street, which was very popular in spite of several threats of closure in young people and foreign tourists. The former bar area around the street Nan Jie ( " South Street " ) in Sanlitun was demolished in 2005 to make way for a new shopping mall, the Sanlitun Village and other high-rise projects space. Nevertheless, the area remains a center of nightlife and entertainment life of Beijing.

The famous clothes market Yaxiu located next to the bar street. Before the Olympic Games in Beijing Sanlitun was redeveloped.

The area of Sanlitun was notorious for drug dealing. Later cameras have been installed to prevent the illegal drug trade and prostitution.

Administrative Divisions

The street Sanlitun Village consists of seven residential communities. These are:

  • Residents Community Baijiazhuang Xili (白 家庄 西里 社区);
  • Residents Community Beisanli (北 三 里 社区);
  • Residents Community Dongsanli (东 三 里 社区);
  • Residents Community Xingfu Yicun (幸福一村 社区);
  • Residents Community Xingfu Ercun (幸福 二 村 社区);
  • Residents Community Zhongfangli (中 纺 里 社区);
  • Residents Community Zhongsanli (中 三 里 社区).


Prior to 1949, there was the diplomatic district of downtown Beijing. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the government wanted to have this out of the city. The place Sanlitun was chosen. The name means that the place 3 Li (san li ,三 里) is removed from Dongzhimen Gate - do (屯) means hamlet, small village.

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