Santa Ana, California

Orange County


Santa Ana is a city in Southern California, about 70 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles. In 2010, the population was about 324,500, of which more than three-quarters of Latin American origin. Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County.


Santa Ana is located on the territory of the former Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, José Antonio Yorba had received in 1810 by the Spanish government in Mexico City.

The city of Santa Ana was founded in 1869 by William H. Spurgeon from Kentucky. The land to he had bought from the Yorba family. After the area in 1886 had grown to a population of 2,000 people to the city, it was founded in 1889 the capital of Orange County. The liberal daily newspaper, The Orange County Register is published in Santa Ana.


According to the 2010 census, 324 528 people lived in the city, making it the nine largest city in California. Nevertheless, the population decreased compared to 2000 four percent (as of the 2000 census was just under 338,000 inhabitants). More than 78 percent of the urban population are Hispanic or Latino of any race, so-called Latinos. This Santa Ana has a far higher proportion of this population than the state of California or the United States as a whole. However, high proportions of Lations are especially southern California are not uncommon. The proportion of European-born whites in 2010 was 9.2 percent. In 1970 it was 69 percent. African Americans and Asians represent more minorities represents the number of households was 73 174. For every 100 females were 104.6 men, while the median age was 29.1 years.


The region's climate is strongly influenced by the proximity to the Pacific. Due to the balancing effect of the ocean, the temperature remains even in winter significantly in the positive range. The mean minimum temperature in December and January is just below 10 degrees, but can be reached at 20 degrees. Due to its southern location in California the summer of fall always warm, normal temperatures are around 30 degrees. Chance, the thermometer can also climb above 40 degrees. Precipitation in the form of rain mainly focused on the winter months. From June to September it rarely rains. The annual rainfall is 346 mm. Southern California is regarded as sun- rich region per year is therefore an average of 279 days of sunshine to go.

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