Santa Rosa Island, California

Santa Rosa Iceland is with 215.27 km ² area, the second largest island of the California Channel Islands in the Pacific. The island is about 26 km long, up to 17 km wide and reaches a height of Vail Peak 484 meters above the sea. Santa Rosa is located 42 kilometers south of the California coast between San Miguel and Santa Cruz, the largest island of the archipelago, in the northern group of the Channel Islands. Santa Rosa Iceland belongs administratively to the Santa Barbara County and is part of the Channel Islands National Park. The island has 2000 inhabitants, according to two registered Census.

2007 here a new endemic species of lichen was discovered that in honor of U.S. President Barack Obama was named Caloplaca obamae 2009.

The discovered on the island of bones of the Arlington Springs Man are over 13,000 years, probably the oldest ever found human bones on the American continent.