Santa Rosa (Mapiri)

Santa Rosa is a town in the department of La Paz in the South American Andes State of Bolivia.

Location in near space

Santa Rosa is the second largest settlement of the district ( municipality ) in the Province of Mapiri Larecaja. The village lies at an altitude of 1025 m on the right bank of the Río Consata, which is fed by its tributaries from the glaciers of the Illampu and in due course named Río Mapiri.


Santa Rosa is located northeast of Lake Titicaca on the eastern edge of the Andes mountain range of the Cordillera Real in the lowlands of the Río Beni, one of the major rivers of the Amazon lowlands.

The mean average temperature of the region is about 23 ° C, the annual precipitation is about 1600 mm. The region has a slightly pronounced temperature profile on the monthly average temperatures vary only slightly between 20 ° C in June and July and 24 ° C from November to January, and the day and night temperatures have only small fluctuations. The monthly rainfall range from less than 50 mm during the months of June and July, and more than 200 mm from December to February.

Traffic network

Santa Rosa is located 345 kilometers by road north of La Paz, the capital of the department of the same name.

From La Paz, the partially paved highway Route 3 leads in a northeasterly direction over 160 km Cotapata to Caranavi, then branches off the unpaved Ruta 25 from reaching 70 km Guanay and leads to further 98 km after Mapiri. From Mapiri consists of a dirt road link of 17 km to Santa Rosa, which further leads into the city 11 hours away Sorata on Illampu.


The population of the scale in the form of a terraced village village has nearly quadrupled in the past two decades. It amounted to 474 inhabitants at the 1992 census, then 1,433 inhabitants at the 2001 census and now 1,771 inhabitants ( 2009 estimate ). Due to the historically evolved population distribution, it presents a significant proportion of Quechua population in the municipality of Mapiri 43.5 % of the population speak the Quechua language.