Santa Rosa (Uruguay)

Santa Rosa on the map of Uruguay

Santa Rosa is a city in Uruguay.


It is located in the northern part of the department of Canelones in whose sector 13 Santa Rosa lies to the east of the department of Canelones capital, southwest of San Bautista, southeast of San Antonio and north of sauce. From the north to the southwest extends east of the city the Cuchilla Grande. In the north of Arroyo Grande Canelón flows in around two kilometers from east to west. This left-side tributary of the Río Santa Lucía is in this case about three kilometers west of the city on the left side of the stream fed del Cementerio, after the latter has upriver previously formed the southern outskirts of Santa Rosa.


On May 15, 1925 Santa Rosa was rated by Act No. 7837 in the category " Villa ".



Santa Rosa has the Liceo de Santa Rosa was founded in 1952 " Dr. Daniel Loreto Vidart " about a high school ( Liceo ). 2008 399 students were taught at school.


Through the city leads both the Ruta 6 as well as a railway line with a train station on site.


The population of Santa Rosa is 3,727. (As of 2011)

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística de Uruguay

City ​​council

Mayor ( Alcalde ) of Santa Rosa is Gretel Ferrari ( Partido Nacional).