Santa Tecla, El Salvador

13.671388888889 - 89.273333333333Koordinaten: 13 ° 40 'N, 89 ° 16' W

Santa Tecla is a city in El Salvador and is about 6 km west of the capital San Salvador. The namesake is the Holy Thekla.

The fourth largest city in the country has about 191,600 inhabitants. Often Santa Tecla is also known as Nueva San Salvador, as many people from the expensive capital moved here. The city is governed by the left-wing party FMLN. The Mayor, Oscar Ortiz, already two years in office.

On 8 January 2001, a mountainside, burying 400 houses broke away following a massive earthquake in the suburb of Colonia Las Colinas among themselves. Approximately 500 dead and 10,000 homeless people were the result. Many charities, including German and Swiss, helped in removing the damage.

In Santa Tecla is also an international SOS Children's Village.

  • Place in El Salvador
  • Department of La Libertad