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Banco Santander, S. A. ( often referred to as Grupo Santander) is a Spanish universal bank. She was by market capitalization in 2012, the second largest financial institution in Europe and in terms of profit the world's third-largest bank. The business is located in the northern Spanish city of Santander. The company is based in the so-called Ciudad Grupo Santander (often Santander City ) in Boadilla del Monte, outside Madrid. The company founded in 1857 has developed since the early 1990s, through numerous mergers and acquisitions into a global bank.

Banco Santander, the euro and the Bolsa de Valores Next de São Paulo listed on the Bolsa de Madrid, the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange.

The Bank is one of the 28 major banks, which by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) as " systemically important financial institution" ( systemically important financial institution) were classified. Therefore it is subject to special monitoring and stringent requirements on the level of equity.


After the merger of Banco Santander with Banco Central Hispano, 1999, the largest universal bank in Spain arose. After the merger with Banco Central Hispano, the company changed its name to Banco Santander Central Hispano. In August 2007, the name was again changed to Banco Santander.

Core areas are Retail Banking, Asset Management & Private Banking ( including insurance), the global wholesale banking and online financial services.

Measured by market value, it is the largest company in Spain and is also the largest bank in the euro zone. Owes its success to the Bank 's business strategy to offer customers much higher interest on credit balances and significantly lower loan interest rates than the competition. Santander increased its net profit in 2005 by 72.5 percent to 6.2 billion euros. In 2007 she took over the Royal Bank of Scotland and Fortis, ABN AMRO. The group has more than 100 million customers and 14,400 branches in more than 40 countries. The bank employs more than 186,000 employees.

In fiscal year 2009, the bank surprised, given the crisis with a 0.7% increase in earnings to 8.94 billion euros, the best result in the company's history.

Beginning of 2009, Santander, the Austria business of GE Money Bank, and since October 2009, working under the name of Santander Consumer Bank in Austria.

In Germany Banco Santander with the 100 % subsidiary Santander Consumer Bank AG is represented that specializes in sales financing of motor vehicles and consumer goods.

In July 2010 it was announced that Banco Santander takes over 173 branches of SEB AG and thus sets with seven million private customers in fourth place before the ING DiBa. As a result, the SEB Bank AG pulled back completely from the private client business and 2,400 people went to the Banco Santander over, with a guarantee of employment until the end of 2011.

In September 2010, announced Banco Santander, it had reached an agreement to buy a stake of Allied Irish Banks 's third largest Polish financial institution, Bank Zachodni WBK (BZ WBK ) in the amount of 2,938 million euros, 150 million more than a 50 % stake in BZ WBK. Santander announced at the same time that it would submit a bid for the remaining 30 percent of shares, constituting an additional amount of 1,240 million euros.

Banco Santander is since autumn 2011 in a dispute with the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV ) on the use of the color red in their branding.

In January 2013 it was announced that Santander was formed for possible defaults on loans in fiscal year 2012 the Group 12.7 billion euros in reserves; which were almost 30 percent more than for the year 2011. Santander addition had to write off 6.1 billion euros on its holdings of real estate loans to meet legal requirements of the government. Banks in Spain suffer next to the recession (see also Euro crisis # Spain) mainly by the crisis in the real estate market in their own country.


Of the more than 3.3 million shareholders, the majority are small investors who pause for about 70 % of the shares. As major shareholders are institutional investors only as the State Street Bank and Trust Co. Boston ( 8.34% ), Chase Nominees Ltd. ( 7.97% ), EC Nominees Ltd.. ( 6.46% ) and Bank of New York Mellon Corporation announced (5.55 %). During the global financial crisis starting in 2007, the share price temporarily increased to over 12 euro and slumped in early 2009 to around 4 euros. For the years 2009-2012 were each consistently paid a dividend of 0.60 euros per share, which corresponds now to a return of more than 10 %.


The Bank is run by the third generation of Emilio Botin as Chairman of the Board, of his eponymous father and his grandfather inherited the same in 1986 as president.

CEO was 2002-2013 Alfredo Sáenz Abad, who was sentenced in December 2009 because of a false statement in 1994 as head of Santander 's subsidiary Banesto to six months in prison. He did not take the prison sentence because he was not convicted and the penalty under a limit of two years remained. Sáenz went to appeal and was pardoned in 2011 by the Prime Minister Zapatero. In February 2013, the Supreme Court overturned the amnesty in part on again. This Sáenz is considered a criminal record. In April 2013 Sáenz resigned from his post and was succeeded by the present Managing Director Javier Marin.


2013 alleged zero-percent financing have been criticized by consumer electronic products, which offers Santander, through its subsidiary Santander Consumer Bank in collaboration with the Media -Saturn-Holding. With note in the small print but at the same time entered into a credit default insurance, for a flat rate of 10 percent is calculated.


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