Santi Gucci

Santi Gucci ( * 1530, † 1600 in Książ Wielki or Pinczów ) was a Polish- Italian Renaissance architect and sculptor.

Santi Gucci came in 1550 probably from Florence to Poland, where he was court artist of the last Jagiellonenkönigs Sigismund II August, by Anna Jagiellonica and Stephan Báthory Santi Gucci workshop in Pinczów became one of the centers of Mannerist art in Poland. Because of his service to the Polish crown, he was raised to the peerage. As one of the most successful and prolific architects of his time, he built a large number of noble palaces throughout the Rzeczpospolita, including from 1565 to 1585 the castle of the Firlej family in Janowiec on ​​the Vistula River, for which he erected in 1586 a mannerist grave monument, from 1585 to 1595 the palace in Książ Wielki for the Bishop of Cracow, Piotr Myszkowski, the palace of the Łobszów in Krakow ( 1585-1587 ), arguably the Castle (Palace of Leszczyńskis ) in Baranów Sandomierski. Further works are, inter alia, in the cathedral of Krakow Wawel the grave plate for Anna Jagiellonica, the choir stalls, as well as the tomb of Stephen Báthory. In Krakow center of the reconstruction of the chapter house, in Niepołomice the family chapel of the Branicki and the St. Anne's Chapel above Pinczów.