Sara Simeoni

Sara Simeoni ( born April 19, 1953 in Rivoli Veronese ) is a former Italian athlete. It belonged to the late 1970s and early 1980s, to the best high jumpers in the world. In 1980 she was in Moscow Olympic champion in this discipline.

Simeoni began in childhood with athletics. In the late 1960s she became one of the first high jumpers created by the American Dick Fosbury Fosbury flop. Her coach and later husband Erminio Azzaro, even high jumper, she led in 1970 to their first Italian championship. 23 more followed until 1985.

Your first international success came Simeoni 1974 at the European Athletics Championships in Rome, where she won the bronze medal. Two years later she won at the Summer Olympic Games in Montreal behind the starting for the DDR world record Rosemarie Ackermann the silver medal.

The zenith of its power assets reached Simeoni in season 1978. Ahead of the European Championships they improved at a sports festival in Brescia the year- old world record of Ackermann by one centimeter to 2.01 meters. The same height they jumped at the Championships in Prague and was European champion.

The sporty biggest success of her career she succeeded in 1980, when she was at the Olympic Games in Moscow with the height of 1.97 meters Olympic champion. Two other international medals followed in 1982 with a bronze at the European Championships in 1984 and silver at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

After the European Championships 1986, when they already eliminated in the preliminaries, Simeoni ended her career.