Sarah Douglas

Sarah Douglas ( born December 12, 1952 in Stratford- upon- Avon, Warwickshire ) is a British actress.


Growing up in the home of William Shakespeare, Sarah Douglas had to stand the desire on the stage early. At the age of 14, she joined the National Youth Theatre, have colleagues like Robbie Jarvis, Timothy Dalton or Alec Newman went with on tour.

In order to finance their livelihood, she worked in a factory and in a hospital. She studied for a short time drama and English in France, and at the Rose Burford Drama School, the training but in 1973 broke in favor of a role in The Final Programme, from the novel by Jerry Cornelius, with Jon Finch and Sandra Dickinson.

This was followed by the television series The Inheritors and other films. In Caprona - The Return of the dinosaurs she stood beside 1977 Doug McClure and Patrick Wayne in front of the camera. Their most famous role is that of Ursa, she represented on the side of Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman in the film adaptations of Superman in 1978 and 1980.

In 1983 she participated in the successful prime-time soap opera Falcon Crest, in which they hold the scheming Pamela Lynch embodied over two years, until she left the series in 1985. 1984 Douglas was again as malicious beauty in the Barbarian movie Conan the Destroyer with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Grace Jones to see on the big screen. She was also in the series V - The Final Battle seen in some episodes.


In 1978, she was for the Saturn Award for Best Actress in the category of science fiction for Caprona - nominated The return of the dinosaurs. Their rivals were Melinda Dillon, Julie Christie, Joan Collins and Carrie Fisher, who was allowed to receive the prize ultimately for Star Wars.

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