Sarbel [ ʃɑɾ.bɛl ] (born 14 May 1981 in London; actually Sarbel Michael, Greek: Σαρμπέλ Μιχαήλ ) is a Greek Cypriot pop singer. In his home country he became acquainted with his debut single Se Pira Sovara, a duet with Irini Mercouri.

In 2007 he joined the Euro Vision Song Contest with the title Yassou Maria for Greece to. The victory went to the Serbian Marija Šerifović, Sarbel finished in seventh place.

In an interview in March 2007 Sarbel stated that he would not seek an international career: "I 'm making something out of it neither to be famous abroad, yet it to launch an international career. I 'm just doing something from Greece to me. I grew up abroad, but I have decided to live in Greece. I can not say whether the Euro Vision Song Contest will help my career or not because I do not know, it is very dangerous. However, this is an experience that I want to do. I want to have fun in the contest and give my best. ".


Childhood and youth

Sarbel Michael was born in Southgate, London. His father, the Cypriot Elias, is a singer and bouzouki player, the mother Lebanese lawyer.

Sarbels family made ​​frequent summer trips to Greece and Cyprus. He received a Jesuit education at St. Ignatius College in Enfield. Sarbel studied music (voice), drama and performing arts.

At the age of five to 16 years, he has successfully worked at the English National Opera and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden and Tosca has played in English for Chandos recordings as the shepherd boy. He was named after the Maronites Scharbel Makhlouf, and his name spoken " Sharbel " correctly, but since the standard Greek "sh" sound is missing as it is according to the Greek transcription " Sarbel " pronounced.

Music career

At 18, looking for a change in his life, he went for a voluntary social year to Crete, where he performed at the Palladium Heraklion. At 21 he still lived on Crete and signed a contract for a period of six years at Sony BMG Greece. Mixed with Pop for his Greek traditional oriental music, he received several awards at various Greek events.


  • 2004: Parakseno Sinesthima
  • 2006: Sahara
  • 2007: Sahara: Euro Edition ( Greece # 11)
  • 2008: Kati San Esena
  • 2004: " Se Pira Sovara "
  • 2005: " sokolata "
  • 2005: " Thelo Na Petaxo "
  • 2005: " Boro Boro / Chiculata " ( Mad Music Awards ) [ Ft. chrispa ]
  • 2006: " Thriller / Pano Stin Trella Mou " ( Mad Music Awards ) [ Ft. Vanesa Adamopoulou ]
  • 2006: "Taxe Mou "
  • 2006: " Enas Apo Mas "
  • 2007: " Yassou Maria " (ERT Promo Video)
  • 2007: " Yassou Maria " (Official Video Clip)
  • 2008: " echo Trelathei "