Sarov is a municipality in the northern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District. It is located south of Demmin and belongs to the Office Demmin country, which has its administrative headquarters in Demmin. Until 1 July 2004, Sarov belonged to the Official Borrentin.

Geography and transport

Sarov is located approximately 14 kilometers southeast of Demmin and 23 kilometers northeast of Stavenhagen. Federal highway 194 runs west of the community. Through the Northwest Augraben flows.


  • Sarov
  • Gansch village
  • Gehmkow
  • Törpin



According Pomeranian Urkundenbuch the name of Sarov was first mentioned on March 5, 1266. In this letter, the Duke Barnim I confirmed to the monastery Dargun, all himself transferred from his ancestors and possessions and rights " In Villa Sarowe Duo mansi ". In 1331 the Sarov castle in a papal Lehnbrief to the Pomeranian dukes was mentioned. Since 1356, the family Voss was detectable in Sarov. However, the village was good Gansch to 1485 pertinence to Sarov. In 1516, all pledged goods by Achim Voss Joachim von Maltzan came. In 1527 Jakob Voss tried to redeem his pledged goods from the Maltzan. These are said to have taken his money in drink and cards. Voss put out fire of vengeance in Sarov, Gansch village and Carin; He was convicted and executed for it.

In the Thirty Years' War Sarov was completely devastated and destroyed the church. Wallenstein stayed briefly with his troops in the castle on Sarower. After an interruption from 1679 to 1737 - Maurice of Walsleben, the goods were again those of Maltzan.

In 1849 the estate was sold to Frederick of Sarov Meyenn, it belonged to the Counts von Heyden -Linden to Kartlow. Recently it has been farmed by the tenant Böbs. Last owner of 1000 acres of good was 1945 Harald von Heyden -Linden.

Sarov belongs since 1952 to the district of Neubrandenburg and since 1990 to the state of Mecklenburg -Vorpommern.

Gansch village

Gansch village was mentioned on June 29, 1265 in a deed of the Pomeranian Duke Barnim I.. In this a donation of 10 hooves to Gansch village (Villa Ganzekendorp ) of the Knight John of Artlenburg to the monastery Dargun was called. From 1256 was the place and since 1292 also the Wolde castle is owned by the Voss family. The Good Gansch village was to 1485 pertinence to Sarov. From 1490 the town belonged to Maltzan, who remained until 1945 landowners. In the year 1546, burned down in Gansch village thirteen farms and broke the plague in Gansch village in 1561 from. 1800, the simple farmhouse was built. 1945 the last owner Falk Baron von Maltzan was arrested by the Red Army and taken away to internment, where he died just four weeks later.


Törpin was a Slavic village, probably from the 7/8 Century. The name comes from this period, pointing to the locator out ( Törpin = place of " TRPA "). The place Törpin ( Törpiner Church ) was first documented in 1404.


Was Gehmkow as Stolzow probably in the 10th - 11th Century settled. First mentioned in a document of the place and the church was built in 1325. Owners of the goods were in the early modern period the family von Pentz, the von Platen, of Pressentin and from the 16th century, von Heyden. Later, as the Heyden came from different branches of the family Heyden -Linden, who remained there until 1945. Last owner was Bogislaw von Heyden -Linden ( 1872-1946 ).


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  • Church Gansch village, neo-Gothic brick building
  • Castle Wall Gansch village a medium Slavic hill fort

Augraben at Gehmkow

Castle Wall Gansch village

Manor Gansch village