Sarthe (river)

Old mill at Parcé -sur -Sarthe

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The Sarthe is a river in western France, which runs through the regions of Lower Normandy and Pays de la Loire. It rises at Saint- Aquilin -de- Corbion, in the hill country of Perche, at an altitude of about 250 meters. After 313 kilometers, it is about to Angers with the Mayenne along the Maine, which opens into the Loire after a few kilometers.

By Crossed departments

  • Orne
  • Sarthe
  • Maine -et -Loire
  • Few kilometers also limit flow to the department of Mayenne

Places on the river

  • Alençon
  • Fresnay -sur -Sarthe
  • Le Mans
  • La Suze- sur -Sarthe
  • Sablé- sur -Sarthe
  • Châteauneuf -sur -Sarthe


Left tributaries:

  • Erine
  • Pervenche
  • Orne Saosnoise
  • Huisne
  • Loir

Rights tributaries:

  • Tanche
  • Vézone
  • Briante
  • Sarthon
  • Ornette
  • Merdereau
  • Orthe
  • Longuève
  • Gée
  • Vègre
  • Erve
  • Vaige


The Sarthe is navigable for a distance of 136 km from the mouth to Le Mans. The dams and more than 20 locks were built in the 19th century and are therefore no longer usable for today's goods. The dimensions of the lock, the maximum length of vessels to 30 m, the maximum width is limited to 5 m. The draft must not exceed 1,50 m.

Were initially transported sand as building material that came from the bed of the Loire, and anthracite coal and marble, both of which were mined in the area of Sablé- sur- Sarthe.

First, the railway (from about 1860) and then later on the road of navigation on the Sarthe have long outstripped. Popular the route is, however, still for river tourism with sports and houseboats.