The Saruchaniden (Turkish: Saruchan - Qghullari (DMG SARUHAN - Oġullarï ) or Saruhanoğulları - " the sons of Saruchan " ) was a Turkish restaurant dynasty that ruled from about 1313 to 1410 on a West Anatolian principality ( Beylik ) with its capital in Manisa. My old Lydia lying in the territory belonged to the famous border principalities (Uc ) of the Oghuz tribes after the fall of the Sultanate of Rumseldschuken.


The rulers of the Saruchaniden were members of the Oghusenstammes Afşar. The founder and eponym of the dynasty, Saruchan Beg ibn Alpagi, was the grandson of Oghuz commander in the service of the Seljuks and began his military career as Emir at the Germiyan. Beginning of the 14th century, he conquered Byzantine territory in the region of the Gediz and increased by 1313, finally, the city of Manisa a, which was the residence of the Saruchaniden. From here, dominated Saruchan the fertile coastal area of ​​the ancient region of Lydia, and cities such as menemen, Gördes, Demirci, Nif and Turgutlu.

The position of the Beyliks as a regional power that was active mainly in the Aegean hung closely with its ruler Saruchan Beg. He made ​​a pact with the neighboring rulers Umur Beg of the dynasty of Aydiniden and took with him raids against Byzantium and the Genoese. Saruchan Beg died after 1348; his successor Ilyas and Ishaq were then planning achievements in the foreground. So let Ishaq 1374, the Great Mosque (tr: Ulu Camii ) built by Manisa, the prayer hall is topped by a 14 meter wide dome. The building served as a model for the Üç - Serefeli Mosque, which was built 60 years later by the Ottoman Sultan Murad II in Manisa. 1390 the Beylik was conquered by the Ottomans under Bayezid I and incorporated into the expanding Ottoman Empire. But with the defeat of Sultan Bayezid against Tamerlane at Ankara in 1402 it gained its independence under Orchan as the other Beyliks back. After the Ottomans had collected again subjugated Beyazids son Mehmed I. 1410 Beylik again and killed its last ruler Khidr Shah. Since it was Ottoman Sanjak as. In addition, many Ottoman Prince Sultan Mehmed II as the later were used as governor of Manisa, so the city continued to be expanded.

In the early years of the Republic of Turkey - the successor State of the Ottoman Empire - the name Saruhan to refer to the modern province of Manisa was common.

Ruler list

  • Saruchan - Beg ibn Alpagi ( SARUHAN - Beg b. Alpagï ), reg. about 1313-1348
  • Fakhr ad-Din ibn Ilyas Saruchan ( Fakhr ad - Dīn Ilyās b. SARUHAN ), reg. about 1348-1357
  • Muzaffar ad-Din ibn Ishaq Tschelebi Ilyas ( Muzaffar ad -Din Ishaq Čelebi b. Ilyās ), reg. about 1357-1388
  • Khidr ibn Ishaq Shah ( Khidr - Šāh b. Ishaq ), reg. approximately 1388-1390 and 1404-1410
  • Orchan ibn Ishaq ( Orhan b. Ishaq ), reg. about 1402-1404