Sasbach am Kaiserstuhl

Sasbach am Emperor chair is a municipality in the district of Emmendingen in Baden-Württemberg.

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Geographical location

The Vine and resort community Sasbach lies at the foot of the emperor chair, right on the German - French border along the Rhine, in the middle of the Black Forest to the east and the Vosges mountains in the west, about 25 minutes drive from Freiburg im Breisgau.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring municipalities are (from north clockwise): Wyhl on Emperor chair, Forchheim, Endingen, bars, Bahlingen, all in Emmendingen, Vogt castle, district of Breisgau - Black Forest and Artzenheim and Marckolsheim in the Alsace region of France.

Community structure

To Sasbach am emperor chair, composed of the former municipalities Jechtingen, Leiselheim and Sasbach, includes six villages, tines and courtyards. For the former municipality Jechtingen the village Jechtingen and the homestead Sponek include ( hof ). For the former municipality Leiselheim part of the village Leiselheim. For the former municipality includes the village Sasbach Sasbach, the prongs on the Rhine and the homestead on Eichert. In the hamlet of Jechtingen is the Outbound castle Sponek.


On April 1, 1974, the community was incorporated Leiselheim. The incorporation of Jechtingen took place on 1 January 1975. On 1 March 1997, the municipality Sasbach given its present name.


The settlement history of the main town Sasbach goes back to the Roman era, then a fort was built on the nearby Limberg.

However, the first written mention of the village dates from the year 839 during Sasbach since the beginning of the 19th century Emmendingen (formerly Oberamt Emmendingen ) belonged Leiselheim and Jechtingen belonged to the incorporation in the former district of Freiburg.

Legal history, the municipality has written in proceedings before the Federal Constitutional Court, in which they opposed the construction of a nuclear power plant on immediately adjacent Wyhler district. In the so-called Sasbach - order, the Court rejected the constitutional complaint of the community as manifestly unfounded. Since then clarified that municipalities are not entitled to fundamental rights, in particular the freedom of ownership of Article 14 of the Basic Law does not protect private property, " but the property Private ".

In 1976 in Sasbach the world's first large solar power alternative energy and environmental trade fair of the BUND and the Baden and Alsatian citizens' initiatives instead, the sunny days. BUND and the citizens' action with the first Ökomesse present alternatives to nuclear energy.

On a spur of the Emperor chair are the remains of the 1239 mentioned castle Limburg.




Parish council

The municipal election held on 7 June 2009 resulted in a turnout of 61.15 % to the following result:


Mayor and as such voting chairman of the municipal council since 2001 Jürgen scheiding. He was re-elected on 28 June 2009 was a voter turnout of 59.0 % for an additional eight -year term with 79.9 % of the votes cast, which he ran as the only candidate.


In Sasbach and Jechtingen there is one Roman Catholic parish in Leiselheim an evangelical church.


Football club of the place is the FV Sasbach Sasbach. The first crew of the FV Sasbach plays in the district league Freiburg, the second team in the county league as

In tennis, the TC Sasbach is physically active with youth, women's and men's teams.

The sports facility of water ski clubs Breisgau and on the Old Rhine near Sasbach am Emperor chair is in close proximity to the border crossing of Sasbach am Rhein to Marckolsheim in France.


The total community Sasbach has a spacious two Grundschule.Unterrichtet is currently in the school buildings of the districts Jechtingen and Sasbach. The available in the district Leiselheim school building was used until July 2007 by the GHS Wyhl.

In the districts Jechtingen and Sasbach, there is one nursery school. These are operated in public ownership by the community.

In Sasbach there is a scientific trail. It explains the history, geology, mineralogy, nature, wine and forestry over boards.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Rudolf of Habsburg (1218-1291), Roman- German king (RI ) and Duke of Austria (RI ), Count of Habsburg ( R. IV )
  • Carl Friedrich Meerwein (1737-1810), German architect and designer of a flying machine
  • Emil Divine (1864-1908), German writer

Other personalities who are associated with the city

  • Hans Adolf Bühler (1877-1951), German painter and professor. Lived on the Sponek,
  • Albert Schneider " Albert -o ", painter in Jechtingen


Aerial view of Sasbach



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