Saskylach (Russian Саскылах; Yakut Сааскылаах ) is a village ( selo ) in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) in Russia with 2317 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The place is located almost 1,300 km as the crow northwest of the Republic capital Yakutsk on the right bank of the Anabar.

Saskylach administrative center of Ulus Anabarski and seat and only town in the rural community ( selskoje posselenije ) Saskylachski is nazionalny Nasleg with a high proportion ewenkischer inhabitants.


The village was founded in the 1930s as the administrative seat for the 1930 founded Ulus ( Rajon ) and the center of the target by the Soviet authorities becoming settled in the area predominantly nomadic living Yakuts, Evenki and Dolgan.


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Saskylach is not connected to the year-round navigable road network but only on a winter slopes of over 600 km to the south Udatschny about Olenjok reached that the Anabar down after Jurjung - Haya runs on. The expansion of this section to the road Anabar is planned.

A few kilometers south of the village is located on the right bank of the Anabar a small airport ( ICAO code uers ).