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Saddle SZ

Saddle is a municipality in the district of Schwyz in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland.


To saddle includes the villages of Ecce Homo, Schornen and Mostel.

Neighboring communities of saddle are Rothenthurm, Schwyz, stones and Steiner Berg, Oberägeri, Unterägeri.

Saddle is located in the valley section of Steiner Aa, at the foot of Morgartenberg, Chaiserstock and Hochstuckli and extends to the heights of these foothills summit. The wooded landscape shows with moraines, rock bars and flood plains clear traces of the ice ages.


Of the inhabitants of 97.29 % speak German, 0.5% English speaking and 0.43 % albanischsprachig (as of 2000). Since 1992, the population increased by 10.5 %.


Mayor Adolf Lüönd - servant (Bureau, agriculture). Vice President Joseph Dryer ( infrastructure). Other council members are: Christine Betschart ( Social Affairs), Peter Zundel (Finance), Esther Moser ( education and youth, culture ), Beat Camenzind (Construction ), Beat Kryenbühl ( economics and security, sports).

Meeting house

What was once the rectory, is now the community center saddle. Twenty years it was used as a parsonage until it was rebuilt in 1810 to the schoolhouse. Later, however, in 1962 the house was used as a residence, as the new school house was built Eggeli.

The total renovation and remodeling for the first meetinghouse in the saddle, was completed in 1976. Almost 14 years later, the municipality was expanded with the inclusion of the basement.


The farming community has strongly influenced the appearance of the. It can, however, only limited conclusions draw on the acquisition structure. Of the approximately 600 economically active persons (as of 1990 census ), only a quarter in the agriculture and forestry works. Another quarter is employed in crafts and trades, while the remaining half is working in the service sector. Nearly three hundred of these workers earn their livelihood as commuters outside the community, particularly in the region of Schwyz and train. While the jobs decline in agriculture and forestry, small and medium business enterprise have created many new jobs in recent years. An ever-increasing importance given the employment in the tourism sector, which offers more than seventy full-time and part-time jobs. These part-time positions are indispensable earning opportunities for farmers or their wives, who are dependent on a sideline basis of the operating structure in very many cases. The lack of industrial and large service operation naturally has a negative effect on the tax benefit of the community. Although the Canton covered by the financial compensation the annual deficit ( at a cost of around CHF 3.8 million in 1994 to a deficit of around CHF 680'000 provided ), but making it a sensitive loss of community autonomy connected.


In the municipality of saddle is the railway station Saddle Aegeristrasse that one shares with the neighboring community Oberägeri and by the Swiss South-East Railway (SOB ) is operated. At the station end, both the bus Zugerland transport, the Oberägeri connects with the train station, and a bus line of Auto AG Schwyz. By the saddle Hauptstrasse 8, which leads over the saddle pass from Pfäffikon to Schwyz, and the main roads leading 381 and 371


With the ski and recreation area Sattel (first revolving cable car in the world, three ski lifts, summer toboggan run " Stuckli Run ," jumping and bouncing castle conditioning " Stuckli Jump ", hiking trails, etc.) and the near Aegerisee is saddle and diverse tourist offer available. The opening of the summer toboggan " Stuckli Run " and the " Roller parks», has the summer tourism boost by and defused the unilateral dependence winter. The " Raiffeisen Skywalk ", the longest pedestrian suspension bridge was opened with 374 meter wingspan, on 10 July 2010.

The three-hour hike Festungsweg saddle leads from the saddle roundabout - saddle village - Hageggli - Schorn Rain - Altstafel - Alp Halsegg ( artillery plant (AW) with Dufour Museum) - Chesselbann - Gwandelenflue - AW Spitz - Peterschwändi - Riedmatt - Saddle - KP Eggeli - Centrifugal saddle, at various forts from the Second World war is over. The association artillery factory Halsegg leads once a month tours in the Alps Halsegg. The AW Spitz and the plant tunnel Eggeli in the village saddle that was used in 1941 as a command post KP Front and fire control center of the 6th Division for the AW Spitz and stick as outworked KP, can be visited on request from the Foundation Schwyzer fortifications.

Battle of Morgarten

The municipal area of the saddle, in the hamlet Schornen Morgarten, a battle took place on 15 November 1315 between an Habsburg army under Duke Leopold of Austria and the people of Schwyz and its allies held the " first freedom battle " of the Confederates entered as in the story. The duke's army was defeated. Many noblemen lost their lives. A chapel in the Schornen and the Morgarten when Buechwäldli on Aegerisee remember. A small exhibition with a video show in Morgartenhaus next to the chapel dedicated and information boards on the battlefield terrain information about the background and history.



Gondola Hochstuckli

Mountain station Mostelberg

Skywalk ( suspension bridge )