Saturn Corporation

Saturn was one of the U.S. auto giant General Motors owned car brand. You should compete in 1990 with low-priced models with import cars on the U.S. market. Production of Saturn cars ended after the bankruptcy of the parent company and futile efforts to sell on 30 September 2009.


The first Saturn left the factory in Spring Hill, Tennessee, on 30 July 1990. Saturn automobiles were mainly distributed in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. General Motors for operation with this brand a model policy, which was marked by European influences; rising fuel prices should be taken into account.

Was the first and only to 2001 model, the Saturn S -Series still a complete in-house development, the later models were based more clearly on types of other Group brands, particularly of Opel, a Saturn Aura is closely related to the Opel Vectra C and Saturn Vue corresponds to the second generation of the Opel Antara.

For the fall 2007 optical virtually unchanged as Saturn Astra acquired Opel Astra H General Motors initially expected a year with a North American import from 20,000 to 100,000 Astras. In 2007, after the market launch in autumn, Saturn was able to sell about 40,000 Astra, had in the course of 2008, but sales forecasts correct down and temporarily stop importing from Europe.

The published in Germany in spring 2007 Opel GT is the only model that has gone the opposite way - in the U.S. it was called Saturn Sky.

After the bankruptcy of General Motors in 2009 Saturn was offered as part of the restructuring efforts of the Group to purchase. Negotiations with the Penske Automotive Group by Roger Penske failed because it could not find a partner for its international plans. Imported Opel models will probably appear in the future at Buick as the Opel Insignia as Buick Regal already happened.


Saturn L-Series (1999-2004)

Saturn VUE (2001-2009)

Saturn ION (2003-2007)

Saturn Relay (2005-2007)

Saturn Aura (2006-2009)

Saturn Outlook (2006-2009)

Saturn Sky (2006-2009)

Saturn Astra (2007-2009)


  • Based on model vonGM Europe / Opel: Opel Astra H, Opel Vectra B Opel Vectra C
  • Manufactured by GM Daewoo / GM Europe: Daewoo Windstorm / Opel Antara