Saubach (Inde)


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The Saubach is a 7.4 km long, orographic left tributary of the Inde in space Eschweiler- Stolberg in the North Rhine -Westphalian cities Aachen, Germany.


It rises in the western Propsteier Forest and flows around the southwestern and southern edge further to the east. Near its source, the current flowing to the north Untermerzbach springs and there was the ore- mine Glücksburg.

Ever since 1935, when the largely deforested southwest part of the Propsteier forest, the so-called Steinbach Hochwald, from Eschweiler to Stolberg ausgemeindet, its lower third runs along with mouth into the Inde on the Stolberg area.

Before it flows at the treatment plant in Steinfurt the Inde, he takes on strong impurities from the so-called Vegla - polders (including humic acid and hydrogen sulfide ) and from the tailings pond of the former chemical factory Rhenaniastraße AG ( dilute acid ) in Stolberg- Ach.

The Saubach, had, according to the water quality report for 2001 of the Environmental Agency of North Rhine -Westphalia with a water quality class IV, the highest pollution level.

2007 a ​​treatment plant for leachate from the Vegla - polders was taken on the northern premises of Saint Gobain Glass in operation, and discharges into the Inde have since been cleaner.


The following are the tributaries of the Saubachs are called in order from source to mouth. Is indicated in each case the orographic situation, the mouth position, stating the stationing kilometer, the length, the size of the catchment area, the mouth height and the water code