Sauber C29

De la Rosa in the Sauber C29 in the Grand Prix of Bahrain

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The Sauber C29 is a Formula 1 race car and the police car of Sauber racing team for the Formula 1 2010 season.

After the withdrawal of BMW, this is the first self-made the Swiss team since 2005., The vehicle is powered by a Ferrari 2.4 V8. It was developed by the technical director Willy Rampf, the chief designer Christoph Zimmermann and the head of the aerodynamics department, Seamus Mullarkey.

He was initially piloted by Kamui Kobayashi and Pedro de la Rosa. The latter was replaced after the 14th race of the season by Nick Heidfeld. The presentation took place in Valencia, Spain on 31 January 2010.

At its debut race, the Grand Prix of Bahrain, both fell out of car with a hydraulic damage. In the second race of the season, the Australian Grand Prix, Pedro de la Rosa came in twelfth place finish, while his teammate after a violent accident on the first lap the race again had to end prematurely. Also at the third round, the Malaysian Grand Prix, both drivers fell back from an early stage. This time went with two vehicles of the Ferrari engine broke, when de la Rosa already in the lap to the grid. In the following race, it remained at the high failure rate - only in Spain was still a 12th place are retracted by Kobayashi. Not until the seventh race of the season made ​​it first both drivers to bring their cars to the finish. De la Rosa was in Turkey in eleventh place, even Kobayashi in tenth and thus made ​​the first point for the team in the season. After the next race again ended in a total failure, Kobayashi was able to pull with a seventh respectively in sixth place, the best season rankings in the race for the European Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of Great Britain.