Sauerlach is a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Munich, about 20 kilometers south of Munich.

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Sauerlach is in Munich gravel plain at the southern boundary of the district of Munich. To the south it borders on Otterfing ( Miesbach ), other neighboring municipalities are Brunnthal, Oberhaching (both in Munich) and Egling ( district of Bad Tölz- Wolfratshausen ).


The parish includes the hamlets of

  • Altkirchen
  • Arget
  • Am Brand
  • Grafing
  • Great Oak Hausen
  • Gumpertsham
  • Gumpertshausen
  • Klein Oak Hausen
  • Lanz hair
  • Lochhofen
  • Sauerlach
  • Instead Walch

The community Sauerlach is geographically the largest in the district of Munich.


The community Sauerlach was first mentioned around 800 AD. However, the area was inhabited even earlier, which prove tumuli in Staucharting and Altkirchen ( Bronze Age ) and a Keltenschanze. In 500 AD, the area was inhabited by Christ Bavarians, who called their settlement " Sulagaloh " = " Saulachenwald ". Through the settlement led the Roman salt road from Augsburg to Salzburg. In the forest settlement ( Lanz hair) on the main road 13 at the bus stop stands a Roman stone.

The earliest mention of Altkirchen is to find 994-1005. Lanz hair is 1003/15 mentioned as " Anzanhart " in Tegernsee records and celebrates 2013, the 1000th anniversary.



On 1 May 1978, the formerly independent communities Arget and oak Hausen were incorporated.

With the incorporation of part of the Hofoldinger Forst on 1 January 2011, the area of the municipality is growing by 3.07 km ².



First mayor since 2008 Barbara Bogner ( Independent Civic Association ). She sat down in a runoff election with 53.9 percent of the vote against the CSU candidate Annette Kouba by.

→ List of mayors of Sauerlach

Coat of arms

On April 5, 1978, the Government of Upper Bavaria approved for the community Sauerlach a coat of arms that takes on the place name and the location in the oak forest cover.

Coat Description "In silver on blue Wellenschildfuß a black boar's head with golden tusks, about between two green oak leaves a green acorn ". The former name of Sauerlach was " Sulagaloh " to German " Lohe swampy ". There was water, wild boar and oak forest, the three elements of Sauerlacher coat of arms.

Economy and infrastructure


Sauerlach is the internationally known through online dictionaries LEO GmbH since 2006 seat.

The company Burkhof coffee has its headquarters in Sauerlach.

Transport links

In the center of Sauerlach the Federal Road 13 and State Road S 2070 cross two each lead to a motorway junction. B 13 leads through the district lance hair to the A 995, the S 2070 performs the Sauerlacher industrial area east to the A 8 county road M 11 limits the district lance hair at the northern end and leads to Otterloh and Brunnthal.

By public transport you can reach Sauerlach with the S-Bahn S 3 Within Sauerlach connect the MVV bus lines 223 and 226 hamlets. From neighboring Otterloh ( Brunnthal ) reachable with MVV bus 226, the S 7 can be achieved in the amount Church Siegertsbrunn with MVV bus 216.


Catholic churches and chapels

  • St. Andrew in Sauerlach
  • St. Margaret in Altkirchen
  • St. Michael in Arget
  • St. Anne's Chapel Staucharting
  • St. Ulrich chapel in Lanz hair
  • St. corona in Arget

Evangelical Church

The only Protestant church in Sauerlach is the Zachäuskirche in the district Sauerlach. It was inaugurated on 10 November 1963. Planned and built the church was designed by the architect Franz light blue, the artistic arrangement took Hubert Distler. Sauerlach is part of the Lutheran. Church wooden churches and heard that since 1997 the deanery Bad Tölz (before Dean's Office Rosenheim). In Sauerlach 1,100 evangelical Christians live. In the rooms there are regular meetings of the Evangelical Singkreis and the band n8wolke. The church service is held on Sundays at 10 clock.


List of monuments in Sauerlach


St. Margaret Church in Altkirchen

St. Michael's Church in Arget

Anne's Chapel, Staucharting

Lutheran. Zachäuskirche, Sauerlach